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One of the top corporate photographers in London, Charles Sturge prides himself on creating photography and film that uniquely connects businesses and brands with their audiences.

No one challenge is the same and budgets often vary, yet Charles delivers the same professional end-to-end service to all.

Here’s a sample of his clients.

Charles Sturge | photographer

Staying ahead

Being at the cutting edge of technology also allows Charles to deliver that competitive advantage. He guarantees you a finished product that you will not only be able to use across all mediums: web, social, film and print but will also engage your audiences.

Working with a FTSE100 customer, Charles has created a state-of-the-art logistics system, SmartShoot.logistics that all his clients can now use. Designed to reduce your organising time to almost zero, it also allows Charles to deliver polished images in half the time and via the strictest corporate firewalls.

Local + global
No matter if you are a local or global company, Charles and his team provide a professional service. From local start-ups or individuals to global multi nationals or creative agencies, you will all receive the same professional approach.

Charles works mostly across London (City of London, West End, East End and the Docklands) but also the Home Counties, the UK, Ireland, across Europe and throughout the world.





  • Brand
  • C-suite portraiture
  • Press shots
  • Corporate portraiture
  • Team/company headshots*
  • Advertising
  • Corporate annual reporting
  • Website & social media
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Event & sponsor
  • Architectural
  • Interiors
  • Design
  • Video production

*Corporate Headshot Photography

End-to-end service for any scale, reduce your organising time to almost zero through our SmartShoot.logistics system.



Brian Ransom
Aberdeen Standard, London

“I am the office manager of a FTSE100 company managing 120000sq ft of office space and over 800 staff. I employed Charles a couple of years back primarily to take corporate head shots for marketing, intranet and communications purposes but also to photograph special events too. I needed someone engaging, charming and professional having inherited a photographer whose interpersonal skills weren’t great and whose finished product was good but poorly delivered.

Having used a number of ‘try before you buy’ corporate headshot photographers in London, I still wasn’t satisfied I had found the right fit and then I found Charles Sturge. Charles’s product is first class and his delivery is 21st century cutting-edge. We are always looking at ways to operate smartly and Charles provided a remote online solution before and after each shoot that has proved to be very popular and very light for the customer; it really is very impressive.

The shoot of course is the real reason we have complete and utter faith in him and his team. He has managed to get staff in front of the camera who have refused to get in front of the camera before. His customer service skills are exceptional allowing him to execute his craft impeccably. He is approachable and engaging which in turn gives the customer confidence and assurance which is reflected in the end-product.

I believe that I have found a pragmatic and unpretentious blue ribbon photographer who matches our own values and standards. I couldn’t think of working with anyone else.”

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