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Charles Sturge has worked as a commercial photographer all around the globe from Hollywood to Bangladesh providing portraits of explorers, bankers, actors, poets, musicians, business leaders, tribes people, government advisors and other interesting people. Commissions have come from, amongst others, the Telegraph, Times, New York Times, Le Figaro, Reporters and private clients. However, Charles has also worked as an independent photojournalist pitching features either through his agency Rex Features or directly to the press.
Commercial clients range from start-ups to to multi national corporations and include the NHS, Glaxo, IBM United Health, several banks and finance houses, film companies and media agencies. Take a look at my client list for a full picture.


Although Charles now focuses on photography, his documentary of a reed boat expedition from Bolivia’s altiplano to Buenos Aires which was led by Colonel John Blashford Snell was broadcast by National Geographic as part of a larger adventure series.

Take a look through the gallery section to see some of his other photographic work.

Portrait photographer London

Charles Sturge is Portrait Photographer London!


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