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cheap generic prednisone (Corporate Photographer Limited) is super easy to get on with, providing professional photography to business clients in the City of London, the UK and internationally, and at market sensitive rates. From local start-ups to global multi nationals, CEO/executive portraits and corporate headshots to interiors and marketing images. Charles is happy working with cheap prednisone online directly. The majority of his work is in London’s business districts: EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4, E14, W1, SW1, SE1 but extends out to the home counties. He will and does happily travel to anywhere in London, England, the UK, Europe or further. If you’re interested in prices feel free to cheap prednisone for dogs.

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“Passion for my work and ceasing opportunity has lead me to: hosting a slide show at the Namibian High Commission, going on tour with the Black Eyed Peas as their official tour photographer, being commissioned as an independent photojournalist by the Times, Telegraph, New York Times, Le Figaro, Reporters and El Pias. I’ve worked with a US film company EPL Pictures at Abbey Road Recording Studios which took me to Hollywood where I was invited to photographed many incredible people. I’ve also produced a documentary about the Kota Mama Expedition (reed boat through South America) that was broadcast by National Geographic. To say it’s been fun would be an understatement”

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● CEO portraiture  ● Press shots  ● Corporate portraiture*  ● Annual report images  ● Corporate responsibility documentary  ● Event photography  ● Sponsorship & branding images  ● Architectural photography

*From 1 to 40 people per day – fully managed from scheduling to delivery

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  • Business



-|- Aberdeen Asset Management -|- Adobe -|- Aegis -|- [can’t name] -|- ArcelorMittal -|- Bank of Montreal -|- Blackstone -|- Boeing -|- Bowmark Capital -|- CA -|- Deutsche Bank -|- EMI -|- [can’t name-|- Glaxo Welcome -|- [can’t name-|- GSM Association -|- IBM -|- Manulife -|- MINT Partners -|- Motorola -|- Munich Re Underwriting -|- Neuberger Berman -|- Newedge -|- Nike -|- Paul Hastings -|- QuilterCheviot -|- Record Currency Management -|- RMS -|- Rothschild -|- Santander -|- Société Générale -|- The NHS -|- United Healthcare -|- WHSmith -|- Wood Mackenzie

Note. Preferred supplier agreements with firms in London and California prevent me from naming them.

  • Agencies



-|- 22 Design – NHS, Chief Medical Officer -|- Ash Communications (London) -|- Bell Pottinger (London) -|- Best & Co ~ MINT Partners/ Newmis Record -|- Cameron Advertising (New York) ~ CA -|- FreeRange (Japan) ~ Takeda Pharmaceutical -|- MEI Digital ~ Motorola/Black Eyed Peas -|- Purchasepoint (London) -|- On Request Images (Seattle) ~ Adobe -|- Smilo (London) ~ Santander -|- Snap Pictures (London) -|- VisMedia ~ London event for Haier Group (China)

  • Publication



-|- The Times (London) -|- The Daily Telegraph (London) -|- The New York Times (New York) -|- Le Figaro (Paris) -|- Reporters (Netherlands) -|- El Pais Semanal (Spain)

Previously a regular contributor for the Telegraph, I’ve been commissioned by a range of national and international broadsheets, magazines and trade magazines.
I’m also published as an independent photojournalist.

  • Broadcast



-|- National Geographic ~ The Last Great Voyage, led by Colonel John Blashford Snell


Corporate Photographer


5/5 stars

"It was a pleasure to have Charles come and photograph our spokespeople. His bespoke platform for organising slots saved me so much time! His attitude is professional, his photos are of the highest quality, and most importantly people commented that he made them feel relaxed - an essential skill in a photographer."

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