Advertising Photographer London

Charles has a great deal of experience as an advertising photographer working primarily with agencies in the City of London such as Snap Pictures and Cut & Deal; and On Request & Cameron Advertising in the USA. Projects include shoots for end clients such as Adobe, BP, CA, WHSmith, Chealsea FC, Admedia, Lidl and GSM Association but have also included smaller boutique firms such as Lombok, Conico and many more.
“There is a real excitement for me in adding value to a brand. I have a team of extremely highly qualified and motivated contacts to call on including producers, lighting directors, stylists, assistants, model agencies and hair & makeup artists. Whether working by myself or with a team of sometimes  up to thirty people, focusing on the objective is a real buzz.  Keeping a cool head is vital and I’m just as meticulous and comfortable whatever the size of the shoot.  It’s all in the detail.”