Llandudno pier, Wales, UK.
Llandudno esplanade, Wales, UK.
The Orang Kubu, Sumatra ,Indonesia. Suported by the WWF I was the second westoner ever to visit them, the first was a missionary.They're considered second class citizens by the local population as they live wild in the jungle.
Comissioned as part of a visual diary for the Director General of the Battersea Dogs Home, London, UK.
New arivals at Battersea Dogs home. A visual diary for the Director General.
The Countryside Alliance Rally, Hyde Park, London.
Speakers corner, Hyde Park, London, UK.
Ordination of a priest, UK
As a stream of of cars passed this begger, I wondered how he would collect his money. I was in Bangladesh as part of a global assignment for GSM Assotiation.
Punks urinating against a mamorial, Reclaim The Streets Roit, London, United Kingdom UK